About Us

Established in 1992, T.W. Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is the prominent manufacturer of an extensive range of high-performance specialty paint thinners under the brand name “TWIN.” Having developed a strong expertise in chemical industry, we pride ourselves on providing industrial cleaning solutions to meet our customers’ needs for over 20 years. Our manufacturing scope covers a multitude of chemical formulations for both standard and customized specifications, specifically designed to meet the requirements of customers across different industries for various purposes.

Our products are extensively used in the production process by some of the most renowned companies with global presence as well as rapidly growing companies across a variety of industries, including automotive, electronics, and home appliance industries. Our company emphasizes on manufacturing an extensive range of products to meet customers’ needs, while at the same time, we are still prioritize superior product quality that match industrial standard and excellent services in delivering our products to make our customers satisfied.

Vision: We are committed to become the leader in providing high-quality paint thinners in Thailand.

Mission: To create value for customers by providing paint thinners that are reliable and efficient, while strive to provide the best service possible.