T.W Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is the prominent manufacturer of industrial paint thinners and solvents under the brand name “TWIN.” We are proficient in manufacturing high-performance specialty thinners for cleaning solutions in a wide variety of industries.

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Quality Policy

At T.W. Chemical Group, we strongly believe that customer satisfaction is one of the most critical key drivers for our business. Accordingly, we strive to serve our valued customers with highest quality products possible and services that consistently meet customers’ expectations. Additionally, our market know-how and unmatched services are our core values that continuously set us apart in the marketplace.

“We strive to maintain product quality in compliance with industrial quality standards as well as exceptional services.”

Products & Services


We offer consulting services by our experienced technical officer

Custom Formulation

We offer a full range of custom-made formulations fitted your specification requirements

On-Time Delivery

We pride ourselves in delivering our products within a specified time frame